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Complete these 3 steps to lock in your time with my team...

Step #1: Watch this 101 second video (down below).
​​Step #2: Check out our client testimonials.
​Step 3: View FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Step #1: For CRYSTAL Clarity...Please Watch The Video

👇🏼How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time With My Team👇🏼

👉🏼 Show Up On Time:

Please respect our time and we'll respect yours as well.

👉🏼 Bring Questions To Call:

Do research on us, check our website, social media, and come to the call with questions!

👉🏼Confirm Your Call Via Email:

We will be sending you an email with some more information before your call.

Please confirm the call by accepting the calendar invite.

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Roadmap For Your Success!

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Step #2: Hear From Our Current Clients!

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Step #3: Frequently Asked Questions

What are our prices?
Our prices range! We have packages and customized plans for our clients depending on your needs.

How long until I get featured?
Our top tier campaign does 

What publications do you work with?
We have relationships with dozens of publications! Depending on your needs, most of our clients get featured in Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, CEO Weekly, NY Weekly, Disrupt, and LA Weekly as a few examples.

Is AK Infinite DFY?
Yes, we offer a DFY Tier where we interview the client, develop the story angle, create the rough draft, and get your article published so you don't have to lay a finger!

What happens if we don’t get you featured?
This will not happen as long as the client meets the publishing criteria, however, in the .00001% chance that it does happen, and you don't get featured in the publications as said in the agreement, you will get a full refund.

Do you have monthly services and one time contracts?
Of course! We do one-time article placements as well as monthly social media services.

Do you work with people outside of the United States?
We absolutely do!

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