We believe in the power of story telling and the long-term impact of your brand awareness.
We help our clients tap into the infinite potential of Digital Real Estate... 


#1 NOT Scarcity Minded

#2 Action Takers

#3 Problem Solvers

#4 Lifelong Learners


#1 Fear Based

#2 Blames Others

#3 Victim Mentality

#4 Makes Excuses

Imagine Owning...

Digital Real Estate!

55 +

75 + 

50,000 +
Words Written


what we stand for

The ak infinite manifesto

We are story tellers…

But unlike other PR/marketing agencies, we take a holistic approach...

We believe connection is what drives decision making…
People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

People look for a product…
But chose a service.

Have you ever made a decision to work with someone because you liked them more? 

We believe PR is the vehicle…

AND it is HOW your drive that vehicle that will produce the best results.

How would you know how to drive if no one teaches you?

You can try yourself...
But you will most likely crash many times along the way.

We believe in guiding our clients…
Teaching them how to drive the PR vehicle. 

If YOU are willing to apply this new way of driving…

We get you featured in the media (give you the car) then guide you post media on how to leverage your digital real estate in an ongoing marketing strategy (teach you how to drive the car)

Instead of your clients “price shopping” for your competitors...

What if they read your story and connected with you?

We believe in relationship marketing...

And it starts with establishing your Digital Real Estate.

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